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Sandman Air


Peoria, AZ              " I can't say enough good things about this company !

 7-14-20              John came over when i was really upset with Penguin Air for jacking up their prices and taking advantage of me. He explained what the problem was, Drew a diagram and gave me a reasonable quote for a new system. When i told him Penguin Air then gave me a lower quote (for a lesser product) and threw in all sorts of bells and whistles, He told me honestly that he couldn't beat their price. I like the honesty, It seems difficult to find here in the A/C business, Especially when your a women in her 60's.

I was this close to going with Penguin Air, But i didn't trust them and so i went with Sandman Air and even upgraded because i felt like i wasn't being scammed and would get a better product installed. 2 days later John's Son arrived and got the installation started. The Crane arrived on time and everything went smoothly. They were finished in about 2 hours and he assured me he'd be back for a Winter and Summer checkup. My A/C is running beautifully.  By all means, Hire this Company ! "

Mike M

Glendale,AZ.        " Our 22 year old 11 SEER heat pump was replaced last week by Sandman Air.

5-16-19             John was the most professional of the three Companies we obtained prices from.

                       Costco was the highest priced, Even with cash cards and cash back from Costco, They were too high. Sandman Air was slightly higher than the lowest price we got, However the professional nature of his estimate etc, Gave him the job.  Very Satisfied ! "

Ivan P.               "Quotation was prompt, Delivery on time and installation exceptionally good. Goodyear          John was easy to work with and answered all questions. I will highly recommend 1-5-18                Sandman Air to my Friends or Neighbors. "

Justin A.        " Sandman Air provided an exceptional product and service ! I recently had them do a Phoenix         new A/C install, And i am extremely satisfied. John (and team) are highly professional,

6-28-18         knowledgeable and clear. To begin, The whole process was clearly explained, And all

                    of my questions were answered. The install was quick, There was nothing left for me to clean up, And the end result was a cold , Energy efficient home. After the install, John explained the basics of the A/C and the digital thermostat, And confirmed that everything was to my preference.

I could not have asked for a better experience !  "
5115 N. Dysart Road Suite 202#206
Litchfield park, AZ 85340

Phone:  602-708-0556

AZ ROC # 280906

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